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   ENG. Coming soon…Ghost’n Brothers is a new puzzle platformer game where you guide two little ghosts. Only 30 seconds to escape each level. Sometimes it’s really short to find the way an d avoid traps! It’s a colorful retro game style using pixelart. A   2-bit free version with a GameBoy graphics style and a paid version with a vibrant colour palette will be available. 

Let yourself be carried away by the charm of the original soundtrack from Julien Mier.


      FR. Bientôt disponible…Ghost'n Brother est un nouveau petit jeu dans le style plateforme-puzzle. Vous devez guider deux petit fantômes et les aider à s'échapper en moins de 30 secondes! Nos deux compères peuvent s'entraider pour arriver à atteindre la sortie. Mais attention, de nombreux pièges les attendent. Trouverez vous la bonne combinaison en 30 secondes? A vous de tenter votre chance! Une version gratuite dans un pur style GameBoy et une version payante avec de sublimes  graphismes colorés seront disponibles. Prochainement  vous vous laisserez emporter par la bande son originale créer par Julie Mier.



A game by:

Emmanuel ROUX



Julien Mier

Cool Noises Inc.

    BoomCat: Battle of Zion is my first game. It’s a fast action shooter. Boomcat is a funny orange cat who decided to break free from Deathclaw. 4 bosses to fight to free the planet and  collect Powercells to chase Deathclaw…The final boss!




A game by:

Emmanuel ROUX

> Artwork <

Deathclaw and his infernal machine from BoomCat game (2017).

City by night from BoomCat game (2017).

Near the sewer (2017).

Ghost’n Brothers 2bit

Right clic to control the video…

Ghost’n Brothers

This game is free! No In-App purchase, no ads.

The Wheelchair Man sprite V1.0. Twirl the cat over your head to jump!  (2018).

From the very small game Cat-Astrophe (coming soon).

Fire Explosion (2017).

Free to use!

The wheelchair man (2018).

Stay tuned!



-Say Hello to the final version of GnB 2-Bit. This version will be free with a GameBoy graphics style.

-The paid version will show a vibrant colour palette!



-Direction buttons are always visible.



-Now the game fit the iPhoneX screen (1125 x 2436).



-New countdown. Time is displayed only every 5 seconds.